Rapid Payback
Reduce CO2 emissions
Monitoring system
Saves Environment


ChillerMate – Waste Heat Recovery Product


Waste heat recovery from chiller units. Upto 75°C hot water recovered. Reduction in chiller power – not possible with any alternative. Fast payback assured.
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CompMate – Waste Heat Recovery Product


Waste heat recovery from Air Compressors. Upto 90° C hot liquid recovered. High heat transfer achieved with lowest pressure drop in the world. 12 month payback assured.
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How it Works

Any savings in energy directly adds to the profits of the firm.

Types of Industries

Dairy & Ice-cream
Food & Beverages
Hotels & Hospitality

Benefits to Industries

Improves system performance

Our products improve the system performance by recovering thermal energy without affecting system parameters. For eg, ChillerMate reduces chiller power consumption by upto 20%. CompMate reduces load on compressor cooling tower/ radiators by 40-80%.

High Temperatures achievable

Our heat recovery systems have pure counterflow tube-tube heat exchanger design with lowest pressure drops. This ensures that you get the highest temperature lifts in a single pass. This reduces pumping costs, while allowing for optimal design.

Reliability and Long life

The vented double wall design ensures zero chance of leakages, and mixing of fluids. "Peace-of-mind" has very high value in the mind of the plant manager, and with our products, you can be assured that there is no chance of failure.

Fast Payback

Through an optimal design, we are able to offer attractive paybacks which are typically in months. Just the fuel savings from the free hot water will pay for the product. Accelerated depreciation reduces payback by a further 30%.


What Our Customers Say

15,000 GJ

Energy Recovered


Money Saved

1,500,000 kg

CO2 Emission Reduced