The benefits of using heat pumps ahead of Hot water Generators


In the heart of India’s bustling Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, a significant challenge loomed large – the exorbitant cost of heating process water using traditional diesel Hot Water Generators (HWG).

The average cost for generating heat varies as per the fuel used. In the bar chart below you can find the average cost to generate heat.

Diesel at today’s rate is the most expensive source of generating heat and a large FMCG facility in India was using it to generate hot water.The facility, grappling with soaring diesel prices, was consuming 300 to 500 liters daily to elevate process water temperatures from 30℃ to 80℃.


The turning point in this narrative came with the installation of a cutting-edge solution – the High Temperature Heat Pump . This innovative technology replaced the conventional diesel heating system, providing an energy-efficient and eco-friendly approach to meet the facility’s hot water demands.

The transition was seamless, with the High Temperature Heat Pump efficiently catering to the facility’s process water heating needs.


The facility witnessed a staggering diesel savings of 130 lakh INR annually, a testament to the efficiency of the new system. Simultaneously, the carbon footprint was significantly reduced, with an annual decrease of 1000 tons of CO2 emissions.

This shift from diesel HWG to the high-efficiency High Temperature Heat Pump slashed operational costs

Diesel Savings

The FMCG facility in India used diesel to generate hot water. By switching to a high-temperature heat pump, they saved 130 lakh INR (1.3 million INR) annually on diesel costs.

Carbon foot print reduction

The transition reduced their carbon footprint by 1000 tons of CO2 per year, aligning with sustainability goals and environmental responsibility

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