Lower heating costs using waste heat from Air compressors


At the heart of today’s discussion is a significant challenge faced by our featured truck manufacturing company. The organization, which is known for its exceptional vehicles, found itself grappling with two distinct issues:

Frequent Coil Failures

The first hurdle revolved around the frequent failures of electric heating coils. These coils were instrumental in maintaining the required temperatures within the washing tanks. The constant breakdowns not only hindered production but also resulted in an inability to sustain the necessary heat levels.

Improper Washing and Quality Concerns

Consequently, improper heating led to inadequate washing of crucial parts, causing these parts to fail quality checks. The domino effect was clear: re-washing became a necessity, accompanied by a concerning wastage of valuable resources.


To counter these challenges and reduce reliance on electric heating coils, the manufacturing plant embarked on a journey of transformation. Enter the Air Compressor Heat Recovery System – a tailored solution designed to harness waste heat generated by air compressors and repurpose it effectively.

Custom-Designed Heat Recovery

The core of this solution lay in designing a waste heat recovery system tailored to the capacity of an air compressor. This step was pivotal in ensuring maximum utilization of the otherwise discarded heat energy.

From Recovery to Delivery

While recovering waste heat was relatively straightforward, the real challenge lay in transferring this recuperated heat to the washing machines without significant losses. This is where innovation came to the forefront. The team introduced a cutting-edge Heat Delivery Unit, meticulously engineered to cater to the unique heating requirements of each of the five washing machines.


In the tale of our truck manufacturing company, we witness the power of innovation and adaptability. The successful integration of an air compressor heat recovery system not only addressed critical challenges but also paved the way for improved operational efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Multi-Machine Impact

With a single heat recovery system the client was able to offset electrical heaters across 5 washing machines.

Temperature Consistency

The client is able to ensure that the temperatures are being maintained in the washing tanks.

Financial Savings

Rs 32 lakhs saved per annum by offsetting the electric heaters.

If this case study has sparked questions or ignited your curiosity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to guide you through the intricacies of this transformative journey.

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