Heat Pumps for Hot Water Generation upto 90°C

Our heat pumps are designed to help you generate hot water upto 90°C to lower your heating costs. 

Heat Pumps in our portfolio:

Air Source Heat Pumps:

These heat pumps use electricity to extract heat from ambient air and generate hot water. This heat pump is used when you require hot water up to 90°C and cold air is required.

Water  Source Heat Pumps:

Water source heat pumps use electricity to extract heat from ambient water and generate hot water. This heat pump is used when you required hot water up to 90°C and chilled water between 12°C to 25°C is required.

Dual Source Heat Pumps:

These heat pumps can be used as either air-source or water-source heat pumps to generate hot water up to 90°C. This heat pump is used when hot water and chiller water/air is required for your process.


Energy Savings

 Our heat pumps are highly efficient in converting electrical energy into heat, typically producing more energy in the form of heat than the electricity they consume

Cost Savings

Since our heat pumps are highly efficient, it helps you to lower your energy costs and operating expenses. Over time the savings from lower energy costs lead to a quick return on investment.

Reduced carbon foot Print

 Heat pumps use electricity to move heat rather than generating heat directly hence they produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional hot water generators. This aligns with your sustainability goals and enhances your facility’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

Independence from fuel prices:

Conventional hot water generators are vulnerable to fluctuations in fuel prices. Switching to heat pumps helps you to be less reliant on volatile fossil fuel markers providing you with greater price stability for hot water production

x-axis-settings Scalability and flexibility

Our heat pumps come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of your applications. It is easier for you to scale up or down the heat pumps based on your hot water demand.

Low maintenance:

We have designed our heat pumps with fewer moving parts hence they experience less wear and tear resulting in reduced maintenance costs when compared to hot water generators.

Noise Reduction:

Heat pumps are quieter than hot water generators which is beneficial if your facility is situated in a noise-sensitive area.

Long Life Span:

We have designed our heat pumps to be durable and have a longer life span compared to hot water generators which help you with a reliable and long-term hot water supply.

Remote monitoring

The digital IoT layer in our system allows you to monitor the heat pumps and the entire solution remotely. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your system and the entire solution are functioning properly.

How are Heat Pumps designed for your facility?

Collect Data

We audit your facility and identify opportunities where the heating cost can be reduced by heat pumps

End-to-End Solution

Installing heat pumps doesn’t solve the problem, the heat generated must be transferred to the process efficiently. Hence we design the required pipelines, heat delivery units and pumping skids for the entire solution.


Iron & Steel
Paper & Pulp

Washing Machines 

Paint Shop process tanks(Degreasing, washing, rinsing and Phosphating) 

Boiler Feed water


Boiler Feed water 

Process Hot Water 

Boiler Feed water




Cleaning and Rinsing

Boiler Feed water 

Process hot water 

Process hot air

Washing before milling process 

Liming process

Heating and Filtration Process

Evaporation process 

Centrifugation process 

Boiler Feed water

Hot water for dyeing  

Boiler Feed water

Washing after pulping process 

Bleaching process

Boiler Feed water


AHU hot water replacement 

Boiler Feed water

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